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A new dimension in recruitment

Recruitment with added precision.


Looking for jobs in Northern Ireland?


Recruitment is built on relationships. So why does the hiring process often feel so impersonal?


At Corvus, we take the time to properly get to know you. That’s how we decide on the likelihood of your long-term success in a role, we don’t simply look on the surface.


With in-depth knowledge of our markets, our recruitment consultants have close relationships with leading employers. So we can help you make connections. And we’ll advise, support and guide you along your career path.   


You won’t find another recruitment agency in Northern Ireland whose process is as thorough as ours. We’ve even developed our own recruitment methodology. 


95%+ of placements made through Corvus Assured® are still in that post after 12 months. This gives you confidence and peace of mind that you’ll find the right job for you. Without the worry of having to do it all again if it doesn’t work out.


Through us, you won’t just find a job. You’ll also get access to our expertise - like career advice, CV enhancements and interview preparation. We’ll also support you through the offer and beyond.   


Get to know our team, our insights are designed to promote your growth. Check out our blogs and social media newsfeed.  


Are you hiring? 


Your recruitment is critical for your growth. Why leave anything to chance?


We offer two recruitment models. Traditional recruitment consultancy, and the most powerful recruitment solution on the market, Corvus Assured®.  


Corvus Assured® is like executive recruitment, only better. 


Corvus Assured® will save you time and money, and through better hiring decisions you’ll improve your staff retention rates too. 


The best part? You can use it for any critical role in your business, not just your most senior hires.


Our experienced team will spend time getting to know you, to find out which recruitment process best suits your needs. Then we’ll deliver outstanding results.   


Working together with progressive companies who truly value their mission, we’ve been able to build better businesses. 


Get to know the team that will grow your business. Check out our blogs and social media newsfeed. 


Are you ready to take the next steps to better hiring? Get in touch today.



Corvus recruitment are based beside City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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