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What is WebTalksNI? 

An interview series dedicated to web specialists in Northern Ireland. Gareth Stirling chats to local web specialists about various topics from great training initiatives, new technologies or interesting career stories.


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Who is Gareth Stirling? 

Gareth Stirling, host of local Northern Irish web specialist podcast WebTalksNI

After achieving a degree in Interactive Multimedia and Design, Gareth started his own web design company. In 2010, Gareth took the plunge into recruitment and hasn't looked back since. Gareth's goal is to spread more awareness about the varied routes there are into the IT industry in Northern Ireland. Find out how current professionals got into the industry, what skills are relevant and where the jobs are right now in the NI market with WebTalksNI.


What do listeners say?

WebTalksNI great podcast for IT graduates in Northern Ireland

Podcast for developers in Northern Ireland, WebTalksNI

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