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Senior hires are critical to your business.


You’ve got a senior position to fill and you want the job done properly. 


You post an ad and the phone won’t stop ringing. All recruiters who are offering to solve this problem for you. So why choose Executive Search?


Isn’t it exactly the same as regular recruitment… only much pricier? 


The problem is, the candidates you need for your most senior roles aren’t usually on job boards and they’re not applying to ads either. Great Executive recruiters know “who’s who” - and they know where to find them. They’re experts at building networks and skilled in the art of candidate attraction. They will challenge you to truly understand who you are looking for and not just accept a job description sent from HR. 


If you’re forced to leave an important role unfilled, or you hire the wrong person, your business loses money. Even if your chosen method seemed like good value at the time.


To help you quantify the cost of your recruitment process, we’ve developed a calculator. So you can see how important it is to find the right person, the first time. 


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To ensure you’re covering the whole market, your recruiter should approach passive candidates. That’s people who already have jobs, but would move if the right role comes up.


Your company’s success relies on attracting the top talent and building a good reputation in your market. You want to know your recruitment agency partner will do a thorough and considerate job, because your Glassdoor reviews could be negatively impacted by poor representation.


So when you engage an Executive Search Firm, you’re putting trust in their process and their expertise. And you certainly hope your hire will hit the ground running, to add value from the very start.


Some executive recruitment companies charge up to 50% of the first year's total package. While this may seem expensive, the top 5% of talent is said to be 8x more productive than everyone else, so this starts to look more like an investment.


Our meticulously designed recruitment platform and methodology has been built with this in mind, and covers every step of the hiring process. So you can recruit and retain the very best talent. 


More thorough than the most diligent Executive Recruiter. Useful for ANY critical role in your business, not just the most senior. And without the hefty price tag. But you don’t have to take our word on it, you’ll also be covered by our 12-month guarantee. 


Corvus Assured® lets you make better informed hiring decisions - it’s got a 95%+ success rate. It helps eliminate bias by replacing subjectivity with tangible data. And includes behavioral insights, so you can anticipate how a candidate will behave in their new role. 


When you combine all of this with our experienced team managing your process, you’ll have the most powerful recruitment solution on the market today.

Executive recruitment solutions and critical hire; Belfast, Northern Ireland

When you’re working with us, we promise: 


  • Retention for up to 12-months 
  • Tangible data to make better hiring decisions, including a tailored interview guide so you ask all the right questions 
  • A fully developed process which includes management alignment, behavioural insights and candidate profiling 
  • We approach both active and passive talent in a sensitive and discreet manor 
  • A professional and confidential process which is tailored to your brand 
  • Once retained, we won’t approach talent in any of our client’s companies 
  • Save time, money and significantly improve retention rates 
  • A dedicated experienced consultant who’ll provide their expertise, knowledge and advice. 
  • A process which is adaptable to remote or in-person recruitment (including a video interviewing platform) 


Ensure your next leader is Corvus Assured®.



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