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Contract and Interim Management Recruitment

Flexibility for when you need it. 



Uncertainty in business is fast becoming the norm.


Demand for Contract and Interim Recruitment is likely to significantly increase in the second half of 2020, and beyond. After the financial crisis in 2008, many people moved into the self-employed contracting marketplace. 


For organisations who are uncertain of trading conditions, this landscape can prove tricky. You need staff to keep things moving, but the confidence to recruit permanent employees simply isn’t there. Yet.


One solution is to use Contractors or Interim Managers to deliver key pieces of work. While bringing new skills into your organisation.   


What matters most for you in a contract recruitment consultancy is speed, flexibility and quality of candidates. 


At Corvus, we pride ourselves on having an experienced and agile team of contract recruiters who are extremely knowledgeable. They know their markets, they understand interim recruitment, and they’re able to source the best candidates for your specific assignments. Exactly when you need them. 


Your short-term staffing options.



If you have a specific project or busy period where specific skills are needed, a contractor may be your best solution. Contractors can be hired on a fixed term basis, or a rolling contract from 1 to 12 months.   


A skilled contractor will compliment your existing team’s skill set. They’ll help you deliver projects and save your staff from burnout. Ideal to keep things moving while you’re not bringing on any new permanent staff headcount. 


Interim Managers 


You might need a senior hire to make an immediate positive impact on your company. But with no authority to hire fixed cost overheads and the work piling up, this can feel like being between a rock and a hard place.


Interim managers are focused on delivering results and adept at working with no honeymoon period. They’re objective, highly experienced and adaptable. That means they offer efficient and effective project delivery.  


Whether you need Contractors or Interim Managers, Corvus will find the right temporary solution for you. 


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