How to use social media to find a job |

How to use social media to find a job

 18th Sep 2018

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Social Media has become a major part of everyday life; we socialise, read, follow, learn, shop on many different platforms, along with searching for jobs. This guide will show you how to find a job on social media using the following platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Yes, even Instagram and Twitter.  


Whether you’re an active job seeker or simply curious about what’s out there, these methods are easy to use to stay up to date on the latest jobs in your area. Obviously, if you’re searching for a job please continue to use job boards and search engines, this blog is simply to show you a unique way of using social media to find a job or to keep an eye on the market. So, let’s begin…  




There are 4 ways to find a job on Facebook.  


  1. Through the Jobs Section 

  1. Through Facebook job groups 

  1. Liking and following a recruitment page or job boards 

  1. Simply typing the job title into the search bar  


Facebook Jobs section 


  1. Look at the left hand of your ‘home’ screen under the explore tab. Click on ‘Jobs’  



Search for jobs on the jobs section 




This is Facebook’s very own Job board.  


Using the search bar on the top left you can search for any job you wish by typing in the job title or keywords. Not all companies will put every job they have on Facebook, but if you see a company with a job similar to what you’re looking for, it could be a good idea to contact them about any other relevant positions.  


When you find a job you like and you want to apply for a job on Facebook, it can cause a few issues. When you apply for a job on Facebook, it scrapes the information from your profile page and sends it to the company/agency. As you would be aware, this information will be very basic as no one really puts all their education or work history on their Facebook profile. So, most companies or agencies will still request a CV.  


Facebook Job groups 


Finding jobs through the Facebook job groups can often be difficult and usually show very low-level jobs, but it can be a good idea to join the groups to ask around about relevant jobs in your industry. These Job groups tend to have a large number of users in them.  


You can find a group by searching in the Facebook search bar ‘Belfast jobs’ or your locations plus ‘jobs’ to find any relevant job groups. 


Liking and following a recruitment page or job board 


Depending what stage of your career you are, you may be aware of the niche recruitment consultancies in your sector. If you don’t already, search ‘Your niche sector’ + recruitment agency’ or filter in the particular sector you’re qualified into Google with the term jobs.  


This should provide a list of the recruitment consultancies which are relevant to your field. Whether you’re actively seeking or just want to keep an eye on the market, it’s always good to like a relevant recruitment consultancy on Facebook to keep up to date with the market news and jobs.  


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Searching for a job title in the Facebook search bar  


As this technique will bring up the most recent posts across Facebook which include your keywords typed. It can be difficult to find relevant jobs which are in your location. It is a good technique to know if you’re really stuck when finding relevant jobs.  





LinkedIn is quite easy to navigate to find a job. It is a social network for professionals to connect and network online. 


There are a few ways to find a job on LinkedIn  

  1. Search in the ‘Jobs’ section 

  1. Search relative hashtags 

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords and job titles 

  1. Join groups with professionals in your field  

  1. Follow recruitment consultancies or relevant companies 

  1. Ask your network (Create a post asking your connections about any relevant jobs vacancies)  


Job section on LinkedIn  


See Jobs section on the navigation bar at the top  


How to find a job on LinkedIn | 


Search relevant hashtags  


Using the search bar inside LinkedIn simply press the hashtag key ‘#’ and add in your sector or relevant hashtags to your industry. 


Update your profile on LinkedIn  


Updating your profile will allow recruiters and companies who are searching for talent to find you more easily. Let’s say you’re a mechanical engineer, having this job title on your profile and other key skills such as ‘CAD’ on your profile will make you easier to be found. Thus, increasing your chances of being headhunted.  


You will receive notifications that you have been found in ‘X number of searches’ this week. This gives you an idea of how many companies or recruiters are looking for people with similar skills and experience to yourself. Also, LinkedIn will notify you of jobs which have requirements which match your skills and experience similar to the ones noted on your profile.  


Join groups with professionals in your field  


Joining these relevant groups will keep you up to date with market trends and the odd job! 

See below an example of how to find relevant groups for your sector.  


How LinkedIn Groups can aid your job search | 


Follow recruitment consultancies or relevant companies 


If you’ve found a recruitment consultancy which is relevant to you, definitely find them on LinkedIn as they should post jobs and up to date blogs on helping you through the job process. Also, finding companies you’d like to work for is a good way of keeping an eye on their vacancies.  


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The main way to find jobs on Instagram is through hashtags and following key profiles on Instagram.  


Top hashtags to find a job on Instagram are: 


  • Relevant sectors such as #Marketing #Accountancy #IT, although these are broad sometimes you can come up lucky  

  • Local job search hashtags #Belfastjobs #Jobfairy #JobfairyBelfast  

  • Local recruitment consultancies tags #corvusjobs #corvusrecruitment 

  • Local job board hashtags #nijobs #recruitni #nijobfinder  


Recently, Instagram made it possible to follow hashtags now on Instagram so you can get the latest jobs right to your newsfeed.  


Following social accounts on Instagram 


Some of the best profiles to follow are recruitment consultancies, job boards or companies you would love to work for.  


Love Instagram? So do we! Connect with us here  





Where the hashtag #jobfairy originated, it’s a great platform for networking.  


There are a few methods you can take on Twitter, including: 

- Joining local twitter hours such as #Belfasthour #antrimhour #nibuisnesshour  

-   Looking at job hashtags such as #jobfairy #nijobs #nijobfinder etc  

-   Following local job boards or relevant recruitment consultancies 


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Do you have another social platform to add to this blog? Or if you’re seeking a new role and want to get in touch, please send your CV to or call on 028 9091 8529 





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