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4 technologies all construction professionals are talking about

 5th Sep 2018

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The future is VR, AR, voice technology and various other intelligent advancements. The truth is, a lot of this technology is already here. It’s the perfect time for you to understand these developments and discover how you can utilise them for your business.  


The list can go on as to how these technologies can help the construction industry; in materials technology, design procedures, quantity surveying, facilities management, structural analysis and Health & Safety. 


You may be thinking ‘why do I need to know about these technological advancements when business is good?’, the answer, to staying ahead of the curve is key to being competitive in successful businesses - don’t ignore your future customer.  


“Smarter factories mean smarter processes and smarter ways of doing business to keep manufacturing relevant, successful, and competitive.” - Mary Hunter, Managing Director, Columbus.  


‘Digitalisation changes everything. We have already adopted digital technologies in our everyday life. The way we shop, bank and listen to music. We can’t wait for the next advanced in digital entertainment – so why are we so slow to adopt such technologies in our working lives? The world is changing, the skills required changing – keep up or you’ll get left behind…..’ - Park Electrical Services 


Here’s 4 technologies which could help your business: 


Virtual Reality  


What is it? 


A computer-generated simulation. This creates a visual environment which seems real with a combination of visual and auditory sensors. This is usually shown through special equipment such as a headset which contains a screen inside and sometimes gloves with sensors. This can be either in 3D or 4D model environments, a person stands still while experiencing this unique experience.  


How could I utilise this? 


4D or 3D virtual reality models can be used to fully immerse owners and other stakeholders in the environments of planned construction during planning and design stages for major projects. This could help win buy-in and produce plans that fully met expectations. Overall making the selling and planning process more efficient.  




Augmented reality  



What is it? 

Augmented reality has been described as the more enhanced version of reality with information layered on top. An example of this is Pokemon Go, a real-life game which used the real environment with added information layered over.  


How could I utilise this? 


While virtual reality allows users to feel like they are “walking” through 3D and 4D model environments without actually moving their feet, augmented reality allows users to walk through the real-life environments, with their feet, while gathering and/or viewing additional real-time information about that environment. This is already being used by architects and construction companies during the planning phase of site development in order to identify what is being built and where adding any information on top of the current environment.  


Wearable technology 


What is it? 


Adding smart technological features to everyday wearable items. Examples of these items which you will have heard of are a FitBit, smart watches and performance monitoring equipment.  


How could I utilise this? 


The construction site has never been safer than it is today, and it can only get safer with wearable technology such a climate control clothing and safety alert GPS devices to help locate workers on a construction site. These have the potential to increase worker’s comfort, safety and efficiency.  


Predictive analytics  


What is it? 


Predictive analytics are advanced analytics which creates predictions about unknown future events. This is through many techniques such as predictive modelling and data mining. 


How could I utilise this?  


Predictive analytics makes management of big data much easier, helping to prepare for the future through predictive modelling and data mining. Predictive analytics makes risk management much easier and allows companies to decide on a course of action.  


I’m sure you’ve already seen some of these technologies affect your work over the recent years with operations management becoming more sensorized” and automated. Some examples of this include project and issue management moving to the cloud and of course the use of BIM to design buildings.  


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What is SMART Construct? 


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How will technology advancements benefit the construction market?  


It’s suggested that these advancements will make processes smarter, more efficient, increase productivity and accuracy which will lead to long-term costs saving. With the shadow of Brexit glooming on us, it’s very important to figure out where to put your money to maintain a sustainable business but also continue to grow.  


Figuring out what is right for your business is very important to stay competitive. These advanced technologies are set to increase jobs not only in the construction industry but manufacturing as well.  


"Industrial Digitalisation Technologies (IDTs) could add £455bn to the economy over the next decade; increase manufacturing growth between 1.5 and 3 percent per annum; create more than 175,000 new jobs and improve productivity by 25% by 2025." - Made Smarter Review, produced in response to the 2017 Industrial Strategy Green Paper. 


In conclusion, it’s obvious from the above technologies that most advancements which will affect the construction industry are already here. It’s just ever more important for you to keep an eye on them, try to utilise where necessary and think about your future customer.  


Are you seeking building services, architectural or digital talent to improve your business or possibly you’re seeking new opportunities in these sectors? 


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