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Why construction professionals should continue or start their job search over the holidays

 2nd Aug 2018

Search for jobs during the holidays | Construction Jobs Northern Ireland


Summer is the time of year we all crave. Picture this, blue skies, long days and rest and relaxation in good measure. A well-earned rest from the daily grind and the opportunity to get away from work and all its issues. 


It is therefore understandable that people tend to put their job search on hold or make a decision to delay this until after the holidays. We tell ourselves that things go quiet over the summer but the reality in my experience is far from this. Gone are the days when July saw contractors shutting up shop. This time of year does still see a slight slowdown in some companies, but due to contractors working on UK wide projects, this is minimal. 


Here’s why you should dust off and update your CV and keep in touch with your recruiter over the holiday. 


1.    Employers are still hiring 


Whilst July and August invariably see many hiring managers and decision makers taking time off it is my experience that recruitment continues. Often at this time of year prospective employers are more receptive to enquiries and have more time to discuss forthcoming or long finger recruitment. This is often a time when companies review resources mid-year and decide what they are going to require staff wise going forward into the latter part of the year. The summer is also an excellent time to start new recruits allowing companies time to train them up before the inevitable rush of September. 




2.    Less Competition 


Your competition in the job market will be cut considerably as people decide to wait or hold off on doing anything proactive. This means your application may get more attention than it would during other times. If your recruiter is looking after you properly they will know who to send your details to in the absence of their usual point of contact. Often clients of mine check their emails even if on holiday and have even arranged interviews for when they return. 


3.    Make the most of your time off 


When you are working long hours, it is hard to give your job search the time it deserves. Take an hour and work through your CV. Hopefully having a clear head will allow you more perspective to properly analyse it and ultimately make all the difference in how it is received. 


4.    Networking opportunities 


Being off work allows you more time to talk to your recruiter about what you hope to achieve from your job search long term. You can meet with your recruiter face to face without having to take time out of work as well as attend interviews without alerting your boss. Having time off gives you the opportunity to catch up with old colleagues and research your market properly. 


Networking can benefit your career | corvus.jobs 


Whilst I know that for many people thinking about work at all over the summer is a chore, it really can reap benefits. To make a start on your job search send your updated CV to sarah.mcgimpsey@corvus.jobs  



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