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Meet the Northern Irish co-founder of Gofyt | WebTalksNI

 12th Jul 2018

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Gareth: - “We’re here with Andrew McCracken at DigitalDNA, 2018. Andrew is the founder of GoFyt. So, let’s start there, can you tell us a little bit about gofyt?” 


Andrew:-“It’s great to be here, so my name is Andrew McCracken, co-founder of GoFyt. My background is in designing, I went through University, worked for a couple of companies then went out as freelance. During University I bumped into a guy I used to play rugby against. 


 You know he was a pure opposite scum, you know that school banter (Andrew Jokes). We got on very well and we wanted to do something after University. It turns out he was actually an athlete for Ireland in the 400m, a few years ago he was getting ready for the upcoming games and he got injured about 2 weeks before the games. He couldn’t find a health and fitness professional that he needed, ended up not getting one and came last in his race.   


So, he found out from chatting to other athletes that this was a common problem. For instance, if you go to a new event or location, it is very hard to track down a physio, chiropractor or a sports massage therapist that you actually need at the time you need it. 


Obviously being in the industry he knew a lot of guys in that sphere. He found that many health and fitness professionals found it equally as difficult to manage their business. From managing so many different platforms to juggling this and that. 

I would come as more of user interface design and he would be more marketing. 


Through exposure with his connections. We both then decided to partner with another guy, Timmy Crow, he is from down south and he would be more of a business head and direction. So, the three of us co-founded GoFyt, put the feelers out there and found a lot of interest. 


So, over the past year we have gain around 6,000 social media followers, connected with local guys at events. Put the feelers out there to see if there really is a need for something like this. Of course, we found from the exposure and following we developed that there is a need. 


Were we are now, we’ve managed to get onto the propel programme with ignite at Ormeau baths, we have an MVP launch out there. We were at the beta lunch NI health and fitness lunch at the start of April, we got around 500 sign ups and 20 listings. So, we are at a stage of chatting to those guys. 


GoFyt stands for ‘Go Find your Trainer’, it is an easy way to find a health and fitness professional. An easy way to compare that is to think of an Airbnb but for Health and Fitness. That’s what it is in a nutshell. 

At the minute we are developing the concept in Belfast, tweaking to what people actually want. We’re currently raising investment and hopefully we will launch in July.” 


Gareth-“ I have seen the idea for Gyms of people paying as you go nearly. If they sign up when you’re on business or away on holiday. Same idea I take it but for trainers.” 


Andrew – “ Very similar but it solves different problems. Health & Fitness professionals for example a physio, the national ‘no-show’ rate for a physio is 33%, that means 33% of people don’t turn up every week. So, that is money they are losing every week. With GoFyt that number is down to 1%. 


The way GoFyt makes money, there are no sign up or monthly fees, there is a 9% commission per booking. Even paying that they are still saving a lot of money because what they are saving in no-show rates. We have everything they need to manage a business in one place; calendar, message clients and promotional tools all in one place with an easy to use interface.” 


Gareth – “At the risk of sounding like Lord Sugar here, how do you monetise it, how do you make money?”  

Andrew – “It’s coming from the commission, say a physio charged you £35 an hour, we take 9% of that, you can process your booking and use our platform. The reason we wanted to do it like that was a lot of loose competition like Gym management software were charging £300 a month. They would have to pay that whether they were busy or quiet. 


We wanted to make it flexible, as some do 1 day a week physio when some do 5. We didn’t want to be exclusive to one side. The health and fitness industry are growing rapidly more people are joining out of university, the students can’t afford the huge monthly premiums. 


It’s free to sign up and you only have to pay when you start making money yourself.” 


Gareth – Very good, excellent. My step-mum is a physio, so I’ll have to give her your card. That was great Andrew, thanks for your time.” 


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