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Why you should work with one specialist recruiter

 12th Jun 2018


The time is nigh! You have decided it's time to move on from your current role and find your next challenge. You start the laborious process of writing your CV and start scanning job boards for opportunities. 

Surely the best course of action is to cover all bases? Let’s get this CV off to as many of these relevant roles as possible and surely, I’ll strike lucky with one? 





Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the logic…..but 


Whilst it may seem like the best way to get a new job is to apply to lots of roles and send your CV to lots of recruiters, this is usually counterproductive to your jobs search. 


Let me explain… 


If you were thinking about selling your house would you put in on with 3 or 4 estate agents? Would you have 3 or 4 different boards outside your house? Would you spend the time fielding calls from all 4 agents? 


Clearly not – just as this is not the best way to sell your house it is also not the best way to sell yourself and your “brand”. 


The above approach smacks of desperation – right? 

People would start asking - What’s wrong with that house?  

Why can’t they sell it? 


The agents may lose interest in the property. It’s not exclusive to them and there is the likelihood that another agent will sell it first, meaning a lot of time wasted phoning potential buyers when that time could be spent working on another client’s property that is only registered with them. 


The analogy above can be applied to you and your job search.  


Benefits of working with one specialist recruiter 


Moving jobs is a big deal – as big as moving to a new house or some would say getting married! It is a life-changing event and you should entrust it to someone who understands the market you work in. 


 A specialist recruiter knows the industry and can provide you with expert knowledge about the sector, trends, salaries as well as detailed insider knowledge about the companies you may want to approach. 


 A specialist recruiter has built relationships with their select clients and will have vacancies that may not even be advertised, and a good understanding of skills sets their clients require irrespective of whether they are actively recruiting. 


 A good specialist recruiter understands that the industry they operate in can be small - there will be a need for discretion in many cases and they will never simply fire your CV off willy nilly. 


Unfortunately, this cannot be said of all recruiters and that’s why I always recommend that you build a relationship with one specialist.  


Meet and discuss at length what you hope to achieve from the process. Take on board any advice they give you. 


The best way for you to protect your brand, have control over your job search and get the best advice is to work exclusively with a specialist experienced recruiter. Allow them a period of time to show what they can do before considering approaching anyone else and make sure you keep in regular contact with them. They will work harder for you if they know you have given them the time and space to find you the right move. 


Sarah McGimpsey is a Construction and Design recruiter in Belfast with 20 years’ experience recruiting in this specialist field. For a confidential chat to discuss your career in this industry get in touch on 07903037234 or email sarah.mcgimpsey@corvus.jobs 






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