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Meet the Corvus Team - Sarah McGimpsey | Construction

 17th Apr 2018

Meet the Corvus Team | Construction and Property Jobs in Northern Ireland |


Meet Sarah McGimpsey 


Sarah is a motivated, enthusiastic and engaged recruiter who has specialised in Construction/ Design Recruitment in Northern Ireland for over 20 years. Find out a bit more about Sarah and what she has to say about the Architectural market today:  


What was your first job? 


I worked in my Mum’s fruit and vegetable shop “Juicy Fruits” in the school holidays. I think I started on about 50p per hour and I realised early on that a career in retail wasn’t for me. It did teach me some valuable lessons, and (after a pay rise) funded some teenage nights out! 



How would you describe yourself to someone who’d never met you? 


I’m a multi-tasker usually spotted drinking copious amounts of coffee, ferrying my 4 children around to their various social activities whilst listening to music which they all think is sad! I am genuinely interested in people and would say I’m hardworking and persistent with a lot of good fun thrown in. 



Who do you look up to in business? 


I think I’d have to say Jo Malone and not just because I love her perfume.  She created an iconic brand from her kitchen table eventually selling it to Estee Lauder. She struggled with dyslexia, left school with no qualifications and battled breast cancer but most importantly, for me, she created this amazing business doing something she truly loves and is passionate about. She recently started all over again creating a new brand “Jo Loves”. She is someone who loves what they do and does it well which is surely an admirable aspiration for all of us. 



How do you get the best out of your candidates? 


I treat my candidates how I would like to be treated. Really listening to people is important. Understanding what their main drivers are is imperative so that I can put the right opportunities in front of them. I like to build genuine relationships that last. It's important for me to be transparent and I ask the same in return. This is a partnership and both parties get the best from it when they work together. 



What has changed in the Architectural Industry in the last 5 years? 


Architecture was the hardest hit sector within the Construction industry during the downturn. I remember practices having to put people on reduced working weeks and make significant redundancies. Some practices didn’t survive. Many Architects had to go elsewhere for work such as London or even further afield to places like Australia and the UAE. Over the last 5 years, we have seen the Architectural industry recover with many practices investing in recruitment and growth. It has been a long hard slog for many and whilst there is still some caution things are very optimistic. 



What’s your top tip for today’s Architectural professionals who are thinking about moving jobs? 


Work closely with one recruiter who is embedded in the industry. Meet them, discuss clearly what you hope to achieve; career-wise and personally. Ensure your portfolio and CV reflect all your skills and display a good balance of projects. 


If you’re an Architecture or Construction professional looking for new opportunities, please get in touch with Sarah on 02890912874 or email your CV in the strictest of confidence to 


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