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Should I add hobbies to my CV?

 26th Feb 2018

Should I add my hobbies to my CV? | | Job Search Belfast





Diarmaid: “I don’t have any hobbies, I’m sure that won’t matter if I don’t add that to my CV.” 


Gareth: “Yes, definitely, I think you need to avoid clichés like going out with friends or going to the cinema. That sort of material doesn’t need to be on there, but if you have an outstanding hobby, something that really reflects your personality as an individual, like skydiving, or something that is directly relatable to the job. For instances, mountain biking if you’re applying for a company which sells mountain bikes. You should definitely put it on there.” 


Sarah: “Or if you’re volunteering for the homelessness or have an interest in the business community. That is a hobby which is very relevant and will reinforce your credentials. But you know going to the gym, eating out and socialising are not very impressive.” 


Diarmaid: “Yes, I think we are coming back to that common-sense word again. Another example, if you have a company in which, I know of several in Northern Ireland, who hold a very deeply held Christian ethos and you have someone who is a part of a particular church group or volunteers for a particular church group in church activities, then that kind of hobby, I would subtly mention as it could mean a good culture fit. But by in large, those run of the mill, everyday hobbies such as socialising, meeting friends and eating out, you should just keep those out.” 


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