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Meet the Corvus Team - Ian Weatherup

 17th Feb 2018



A Business & IT grad, Ian knew his talents, unfortunately, did not lie in software development, so he became an IT recruiter setting up the first IT recruitment company in NI in 1998. Ian co-founder Corvus 7 years ago and concentrated on Sales and Management recruitment in UK & Ireland.  He has stepped back from a ‘hand’s on’ recruitment role and is now focused on developing Corvus to be the leading Engineering and Digital Recruitment Consultancy in NI. 


Interview with Ian Weatherup 


What was your first job? 


Working behind the bar at my hockey club – it was a crash course in developing people management skills while balancing customer satisfaction expectations.  Great fun though! 


How would you describe yourself to someone who’d never met you? 


On the cusp of Introvert/Extravert with Introvert just winning out.  I am team-centred, thorough and articulate.  I have a sociable, friendly demeanour along with a sense of adventure albeit am practical, realistic and down to earth.  I’m fair, supportive and love a good laugh, but am also highly competitive. 


Who do you look up to in business? 


When I worked in GB my Manager Liza Bewick was excellent.  She clearly articulated her plan and trusted our team to get on with things ourselves.  She was supportive and challenging as well as being incredibly motivational and committed to developing us as a team.  


More recently two Consultants I have worked with are Floyd Woodrow and Pete Wilkinson.  Floyd is a specialist Leadership and Performance coach and Pete helps people and businesses to be exceptional through clarity of planning and execution.  You feel like you could lift a bus after spending time in their company!  


How do you get the best out of a team? 


My approach is to create a shared vision & purpose, provide clear guidelines, not to micro-manage and trust the team.  We all spend long hours in the office and I believe that treating people as grown-ups is essential.  The thought of imposing set times for coffee breaks or watching the clock to check when people are arriving or leaving fills with me with despair.     


Great communication channels for shared knowledge are a pre-requisite, especially in a growing team. The whole team needs to be accountable and have an open culture where you can be ‘called out’ if you are not living the values or being consistent.  Finally, there needs to be a commitment to ongoing development of each of the team members which helps build an exceptional environment. 


What has changed in the Recruitment Industry in the last 5 years? 


So much – I started in recruitment 25 years ago and the impact of change accelerates faster every year.   


The main changes have been the increase in DIY recruitment with companies hiring their own in-house teams, the decline of job boards and sourcing candidates through traditional Social Media platforms (such as LinkedIn), through to disruptive technology, such as AI and Video and the need for Recruiters to be Marketers.  


Finally, candidates and clients are looking for their Recruitment Consultants to be genuine specialists in their chosen areas of recruitment, so that truly understand the role. 


What're the skills do you look for in prospective new hires for Corvus? 


Great attitude, ambitious, commercially switched on, team orientated and people who will ‘Do the right thing’. 


What’s your top tip for today’s professionals who are thinking about changing their job? 


Be clear about why you are looking to move and what you are looking for in a new company/career challenge.  Do your research on your prospective new employer through word of mouth, Social Media commentary (such as Glassdoor) and be prepared at interview stage with the questions that matter to you in deciding if you will accept the offer.    


We're recruiting, if you're an experienced recruiter who is interested in joining the Corvus Team, why not get in touch for a confidential chat on 02890918529. 


Ian Weatherup | Managing Director | Corvus Recruitment | Connect with Ian on LinkedIn




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