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If I Lie on my CV, no one will ever find out

 12th Feb 2018

Problems with lying on your CV | Corvus Recruitment | Ethical Job search


Lying on your CV; you’ll always get caught out. There have been examples of different professionals who have been caught and faced jail sentences which extend up to 3 years. It’s a substantial risk to take to try and get ahead in your career. Find out what our senior experienced recruiters say about this Myth in our latest YouTube series, Busting CV Myths. 




'If I lie on my CV, no one will find out' 




Sarah: ‘no, I would completely disagree with that. First point, why are you lying on your CV in the first instance, is that an indication that you’re apply for a role which is not suitable for you? If so, that will not be a long-term move. There are so many more vigorous checks these days that I wouldn’t personally take the chance.   


Gareth: ‘Definitely not, even from a moral standpoint, you shouldn’t be lying, full stop. In a CV or an Interview, invariably you will be found out. You will either won’t get the job or if you’ve actually secured a job you will be found out and fired from that job. 


No, definitely not.’ 


Sarah: ‘You’d like to walk into a job and be proud that you’ve secured it on your own merits, rather than feeling like you’re there under false pretences’ 


Diarmaid: ‘Well, it’s a fundamental lesson of life, you’re talking about right from wrong. 


Take CVs and the workplace out of it. There is right and there is wrong as you say from a moral standpoint. You can’t be encouraging or classily accepting someone lying on their CV. As Sarah touched on, especially in this day and age everything is much more transparent, lies or little white lies are easier to unearth, and they will come back to bite you. ‘ 


It’s clear from our professionals that lying on your CV is wrong and should not be done. If you’d like to watch more videos from our Busting CV Myths series, why not subscribe to us here. 




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