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What length should my CV be? (2 pages... right?)

 7th Feb 2018


How long should my CV Be? | CV Tips | Corvus Recruitment


In this series, our recruiters Diarmaid Robinson (Engineering & Technical Recruiter), Sarah Stewart (Sales & Marketing Recruiter) and Gareth Stirling (Digital & IT Recruiter) outline common misconceptions which job seekers have when writing their CV. In this video, our experienced expert recruiters discuss the myth ' My CV should be 2 pages long' 






Video Transcript 


Gareth: “Particularly in IT recruitment that rule certainly doesn’t apply. Particularly if an IT contractor for instance could have worked 10 positions over 10 years, it certainly shouldn’t be 10 pages long, there is nothing wrong with having a CV which is 3, 4 or 5 pages long. 


Sarah: “I think that is a wife’s tale which has come out of trying to people in sync and trying to keep the information snappy. As long as the information is relevant to your career or role you’re apply for. I definitely think that you could chuck that rule out the window.’ 


Gareth: “It’s surprising, I did a bit of research before this video, there is still some major names in recruitment who still have that on their website, that you should keep your CV 2 pages long.” 


Diarmaid: ‘It’s just been repeated at nausea. Yes, I agree with you. I have come across some people in recruitment who are still advising candidates to do that. I think it was sort of fashionable 10/15 years ago when Sarah says it was all about keeping it short and snappy and in vogue then. 



I would advise candidates; some candidates say to me ‘I need to keep this 2 pages long’ but on lots of occasions candidates are actually doing themselves a dis-services as they are cutting out really really relevant material which could potentially make or break the decision on whether or not to call them for interview. 


Then again it comes down to balance. As long as the information it, balance within reason, as long as it doesn’t mushroom to 13 or 14 pages. As long as it’s Balance within reason and it’s pertinent.’ 



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