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Meet the Corvus Team - Sarah Stewart | Sales & Marketing

 22nd Dec 2017



Welcome to the latest blog series from Corvus Recruitment - Meet the Corvus Team. A series of interviews with the Corvus Team, you'll learn more about us, industry insights and getting a job in your sector today.  


This is the first of our series with Sarah Stewart, one of the longest-serving specialist Sales & Marketing recruiters in Northern Ireland. Sarah focuses largely on commercial roles within technical industry verticals. Sarah has gained over 11 years' experience in recruitment with national, international and local consultancies sourcing Mid to Executive level professionals across the Island of Ireland, GB and further afield.  


Interview with Sarah Stewart 


What was your first job? 


I’ve worked since I was 16, if not before, but my first job after university was working for Red Bull in the Energiser team…yes, I had a car with a can on it. Funnily enough, I think I landed that job as I had the idea to create my cover letter in the same layout that the ingredients were written on the back of the can, so that probably stood out…It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot about brand positioning, marketing and it sharpened my local geography considerably too.   



How would you describe yourself to someone who’d never met you? 


For the purposes of meeting and not knowing me, probably the one on her phone, carrying way too many bags, perhaps a little late? (the trait of an optimist I’m led to believe).  For the purposes of knowing what I’m like as a person, straight-talking, obliging and appreciate a sense of humour. 



Who do you look up to in business? 


Of course, there are the greats such as Sandberg and Wojcicki, but on a personal level I’d have to say my dad; he’s always taught me to stay calm, persist and ask the difficult questions. I also always make sure to work with people I look up to and respect in business, I think if that goes it’s a good sign to move on. 


I’m lucky enough to have a number of close friends who have started their own businesses, so I get a lot of insight from talking with them too. 



How do you get the best out of your candidates? 


I suppose I’m naturally quite empathetic, but I also keep front of mind that for the people I work with, moving jobs is a big deal, they don’t do it often and they’re not privy to the information I have been about the employment market in their sector. 


I try to work with everyone as individuals and get a genuine understanding of what’s unique about them to help them position themselves in the most effective way possible. 



What has changed in the Sales & Marketing Industry in the last 5 years? 


I think standards have definitely risen, the level of digital advancements is such that accountability and transparency is much more prevalent than ever before; that drives people to succeed or in many instances bow out. Many professionals are now able to access their CRM and Cloud Services away from the office, therefore removing the confines of the typical 9-5. 



What’s the most sought-after skill for a marketer today? 


A sound understanding of return on investment. Not only of a financial budget but of time and resources. The ability to justify that in some instances certain spend may not pay off for a period of time, but rationalising that putting the groundwork in now and offsetting this against immediate return activities, is an admirable skill to have. 


What’s your top tip for today’s sales or marketing professionals who are thinking about changing their job? 


Remember context. It’s so important. 


It’s frequently assumed that there is perfect knowledge in the hiring market and that a prospective employer will know exactly who your employer/past employer’s competitors were, which markets they operated in, their routes to market and how they performed. I wouldn’t take the chance of risking that this detail is always understood.  When it comes to detailing your responsibilities in person or on CV, don’t forget the most crucial factor is your specific achievements. How did you perform? What did you actually do? 


I see so many CV’s that are like job specifications. If you want to stand out you need to tell your potential future employer about the specifics of where you’ve been and what you’ve done.  




If you’re a Sales or Marketing professional looking for new opportunities, please get in touch with Sarah on 02890918525 or email your CV in the strictest of confidence to 


Sarah Stewart | Senior Sales & Marketing Recruiter | Corvus Recruitment  | Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn



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