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What is the future for Xamarin and Xamarin developers?

 20th Dec 2017


Over the past few months, I have been doing a series of blogs on Xamarin. If you haven’t read these yet go back and check out ‘What is Xamarin?’ and How I can learn Xamarin for mobile development’. To finish off this series, I will be looking at what the future holds for Xamarin as a platform and Xamarin Developers in general. 


The future of Xamarin was secured when Microsoft bought over the company a couple of years back.  


They supply the technology for free and there is a substantial amount of resources and support. Now there is Xamarin iOS and Android products and not just Xamarin forms. C# / .NET continues to be very popular among developers and everyone who specialises in this area who wants to develop mobile applications will use Xamarin. It is also platform independent making it one of the finest app development and creation software in the market today. 


What does Xamarin say about the future? 


If you head over and read the official Xamarin blog you will see for yourself some of the latest products that are now available for Xamarin. Jon Dick has recently written a blog on Augmented Reality in Xamarin Android with ARCore. Augmented Reality development was recently made possible for Xamarin iOS apps with ARkit. Google has now released ARcore SDK to enable Augmented Reality for Android Apps. 


If you explore a little further, you will see the blog entry by David Ortinau where he highlights the three main improvements with the release of Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0. They have introduced performance optimized renderers on Android, nicknamed Fast Renderers. When you combine this with a new feature, debuting in 2.5.0, called Layout Compression, you really start to see big leaps forward with the technology. Finally, they also release Forms Embedding which cleans up the implementation, resolving issues found in early testing, and validating there use cases for this new capability. 


These are just a few examples of what is going on recently in the world of Xamarin. I haven’t even mentioned other updates such as Mobile Center Test, Adaptive UI, UrhoSharp, or WebSocket. Microsoft is taking the technology seriously and didn’t just purchase the product so that they can include a nice gimmick with Visual Studio. If you are a C# / .NET developer who has decided to specialise in Xamarin you have made a good choice. 


Does Xamarin have a place in Belfast? 


Here in Belfast, it seems more software houses are starting to adopt the technology and I have noticed on LinkedIn that some developers have become Xamarin certified which is great to see. 


Recently, the Xamarin Evolve 16 corporate event took place which is the largest cross-platform mobile event in the world. Here over 1,500 developers, industry leaders and Xamarin experts converged to advance the state of the art, discuss mobile strategy and define the future app design. In mobile app development, the future is bright, the future is Xamarin! 


If you’re Xamarin certified or possibly a developer interested in Xamarin and looking to change your job, please contact me about job opportunities on 02890918528 or email me on gareth@corvus.jobs 



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