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5 things to do when you (think) you might lose your job

 9th Jan 2018


Job security has been on everyone's mind at some point in 2020, while facing a worldwide pandemic, every company has had to adapt and some have made some difficult staffing decisions along the way. You may be unsure whether your job is safe or not as many companies are relying on the help from the government to get through the pandemic. We've prepared this list of recommended things for you to do to prepare in the case you were fired or made redundant.  


1.    Start job hunting 


It may not be certain that you’re going to be fired but it’s important to start the job hunt. Start searching for vacancies at your level or even apply for a few that you’re over or under qualified for can keep your options open. It may even be fate and you find a job better than your current one. The job process can be mundane and long, sostart as soon as you can and cover all your options to search for a job. That includes job boards, recruitment agencies, word of mouth and even social media. 


Update your CV if you haven’t already, refresh your social media profiles and start attending networking events or connecting with people of interest on LinkedIn. We know it can be difficult to attend events in current world of business due to social distancing, there are still events happening online, search on meetup.com or eventbrite. 


Top tip: Tailor your cover letter to each job you’re applying for. 



2.    Seek Professional Development 


Has it been a while since you were in the market for a new job? Try to gain some extra experience or learn a new skill to improve your employability. An effective way to find out what skills are desirable and relevant now is to look at the job descriptions of current job vacancies. In addition, scroll through profiles of people with similar job titles to yourself on LinkedIn this will give you a good idea of the professional talent in your industry. 


If you’ve acquired most skills needed for the job you’re in, it could be time for a refreshers course, or even to improve on any areas of perceived weakness. 


This could give you the advantage to achieve a better job than you currently have, therefore helping you up the career ladder which can mean more responsibility, money and job packages. 



3.    Talk with Managers 


Talking with Management can be a good step to find out what is going on. Do they know about speculation that you’re going to be fired or if the company is struggling? Just ask them to be honest with you. It can help manage your expectations and you will hopefully leave the conversation knowing where you stand in the company. As it can be an emotional experience, it’s important to manage your expectations well and be realistic. 



4.    Maintain a high standard of work 


Maintain your current work ethic and a high standard of work. Preserving a good mind set throughout this uncertain process is very important. It can be demoralising and difficult to continue to produce good work when your motivation is damaged. You may start to feel like you’re not good enough, when simply put, people get fired every day. Keep your head high and work hard until you’ve found another option or you’ve been let go. 


This could be a new begin for you, so ensure you keep a positive mindset.   



5.    Reduce expenses 


The financial aspect of losing your job can be the scariest part of being fired. Ensure you cut down on unnecessary spending to have money aside if you do end up jobless. If this is still difficult, you may want to consider consulting, freelancing or taking up a side job to just gather some more extra money. 


Some companies will offer a redundancy package if you are being made redundant. Which can be quite beneficial for a safety net until you find your next job. 


If you’re currently feeling the pressures of work and think you’re about to be fired, why not review our current job vacancies or get in touch to speak with an experienced recruiter in your industry.  hello@corvus.jobs / 028 90918529



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