Are supply chain careers boring? |

Are supply chain careers boring?

 21st Mar 2017

Careers and Jobs in the Supply Chain in Northern Ireland |


A Career in Supply Chain 


A Career in Supply Chain is an excellent career choice but does not have glamor attached to it that say a career in marketing may have. The value of supply chain in a business is mostly achieved by preventing value loss or preventing the wastage which cannot be measured accurately like the other things that get measured like an increase in sales year on year OR success of marketing campaign.  


So, the glamor that marketing and sales guys enjoy is quite often not there for the supply chain guys. However, supply chain offers some of the most challenging problems to address, the problems of scale, how to make use of technology, global market conditions and demand. 


Leading companies understand that their supply chains, and the people who run them, are essential to their ability to grow profitably. However, the task of finding people with the right skill sets required to run these highly complex operations is increasingly difficult, especially at the middle and upper management levels. Unless companies solve this problem, it could threaten their very ability to compete on the global stage. 


The Supply Chain Needs a Sourcing Strategy 


Companies are now recognizing that a sourcing strategy in purchasing has a major impact on their bottom line and ability to remain competitive. I read a report recently that stated, companies that excel in talent management increased their revenues 2.2 times as fast and their profits 1.5 times as fast compared to that don’t. 


What is a sourcing strategy? 


A sourcing strategy is often considered a component of the supply chain management. A sourcing strategy can help your sourcing and recruitment. A sourcing strategy entails a thorough knowledge of the beyond supplier price negotiation and considers the total cost of ownership. 


How do people usually get into a supply chain career? 

In my experience, most of the supply chain candidates I have met down through the years have fell into supply chain here in Northern Ireland. Our Universities don’t offer degrees in Supply Chain unless you want to focus on logistics and transport. Why is this? 


What’s your long-term plan? 


It’s still interesting that some companies may not see the supply chain function in their business as important as other functions and when questioned over half of these companies have no talent development in the supply chain to support their needs in the next five years. 


Are certain aspects of supply chain management boring?  


Probably Yes. Certain parts of every job are bound to be boring at one point or another. Supply chain managers no longer are seen in the corner of a warehouse with a yellow vest on but sitting at the boardroom table where they make key decisions to impact the business. 


So, is supply chain boring or that we just don’t understand it? 

Is now the time to get involved in this innovative and growing career? 

Are you interested in a job in the supply chain or ready for your next challenge? 

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