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5 top qualities all personal assistants have

 26th Sep 2017

Qualities of a great Personal Assistant | corvus.jobs


A Personal Assistant (PA) duties have grown extensively as time has gone on. PA’s are being asked to create executive reports, being a sounding board for Management decisions, understand the atmosphere and culture in a business and even contribute in important executive meetings. 


Effectively, the role of a PA has become more demanding. Beyond obvious essential qualities such as IT literacy, professionalism, excellent communication and organisation, what makes a great PA? 


Here are the top qualities needed TODAY for a PA to succeed in the business world: 


Understand the Business 


To support the executive staff members, it’s important to understand how the business works. You’re now an important part of the Senior team which is essential for the day-to-day running and corporate vision of the business. Your responsibilities can go beyond the boss and you could be expected to manage a wider team. 




Develop your own views of the business, this will show initiative. Maintaining a unique overview of the company ensures you can advise the boss on different duties. It also means you’re confident to take a leadership position when necessary. 


Attention to detail 


A PA is often described as the eyes and ears of the boss. You should be loyal and attentive to ensure business runs smoothly. Your contribution to the running of the business is essential as you may be making many decisions on the boss’ behalf. You need to have great attention to detail to understand your boss inside out as well as the company you work for! 


Small details which many may have missed could be a simple solution to a problem. Always try to retain as much information as possible. This will allow you to arrive a well thought-out strategic solution when asked for help. 


Cope with pressure 


Being a PA is a high-pressure job, not as glamorous as one might think. You should be able to face pressure situations head on. When the boss is absent, a PA should feel confident enough to delegate on their boss’ behalf. As you may even have to attend business meetings in your boss’ place. You need to be able to multi-task and prioritise as there is a wide variation of tasks and duties which you may face. 


You will cope better with pressure after you have a good understanding of the business.   


Problem Solver 


You need to be sharp as a PA, think quickly and take the initiative. When your boss asks for your opinion try to answer with a well thought out solution. This is where your strong PA qualities will shine through. You can maintain your industry knowledge and be aware of potential problems by keeping up to date with the market online. Industry research is important for PA’s, especially when your boss and other staff members value your opinion. You will become an asset when you’re able to solve problems with well thought out solutions. 



Also, keep an eye out for different PA eventsconferences or courses you can take. Personal development is very important to stay ahead of the market. 


Be Pro-Active 


Once you’ve learnt everything there is to know about the running of the business and your boss. It’s time to be proactive and try to always think one step ahead of your boss. Maintain a well-organised calendar in advance and ensure you’ve thought of every detail down to what outfit would be most appropriate for an event or special dietary requirements.  


You will have to take this proactive attitude when your boss takes time off. Be aware of what is expected of you and how to handle yourself around the office before they leave. You don’t want to constantly haggle your boss while they are on leave. 


In conclusion, if you’re a PA seeking your next raise or some personal development, ensure you’ve all the qualities mentioned above. These qualities will be noticed by your boss and other staff members. If you’re currently seeking a business support role, please view all our  jobs or send your CV to hello@corvus.jobs



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