How to prepare for your first day at work |

How to prepare for your first day at work

 7th Apr 2017

How to prepare for your first day at work by expert recruitment consultants in Northern Ireland



Are you prepared for your first day of work? 


You’ve been through the screening process, aced the interview and now it’s your first day of work. It can be quite a daunting experience as you feel pressure to ensure you impress. We always hear about how the first 3 seconds of meeting someone leave a lasting impression or that’s all people need to make a judgement. Here are some challenges you face on your first day and how to prepare for your first day of work: 


Challenges you’ll face on your first day 


First, you’ll need to ensure you feel confident. It makes a good first impression when you’re smiling, saying hello to people, making eye contact and giving firm hand shakes. Be personable. Sometimes this can be difficult but ensure you're prepared and relax before heading in on your first day. 


Finding where you’re meant to be 


More than likely, you’ve had your interview where you will be working. So, I’m assuming you know how to get to your new work. Your first day will usually entail a tour, so try to remember the layout of the building so it’s easier to navigate unaccompanied. You may be surprised the size of some buildings once you get the full tour. 




Have you been told or emailed details of documentation you need to bring with you? Or possibly you need to meet the boss at a certain time and place (separate from the work building). Ensure you’ve read through any prior communication to ensure you know where you’re going and you’re prepared with correct documentation if needed. 


What are you going to wear? 


You know the dress code but it’s important to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. Wear appropriate shoes which you know are comfortable/able to walk in. Try not to wear brand new shoes, you’ll end up complaining of sore feet. Pre-layout your workwear the night before, this gives you more time in the morning to get to work early than faffing about looking for something that looks nice. 


Prepare important questions 


It’s important to learn as much as possible in your first week of work. As you don’t want to be asking amateur questions after a week. You will prove that you’re a fast learner and it will make working far easier to settle into. But don’t worry you’re not meant to know everything on the first day, but it’s nice not to need your hand held through everything. Try and think through essential information that you need to know. As I’m sure you know from prior experience very few companies are fully ready for you on your first day, you’ll still need to get login detail and other valuable information. 


Remembering Everyone’s Names 


This can vary in difficulty depending on how many people are working at the company. Thoroughly research their names online beforehand to help you remember when you first meet them in person. Also, this can be impressive, if you know everyone’s names when you first meet them. You will seem smart and switched on. It can be very overwhelming on your first day learning so much and still remembering what the window cleaner is called. Bring a pen and paper if needed and draw a room plan with everyone’s name on it!  Better to be prepared than calling someone by the wrong name. 


Pay Attention and Show Interest 


You need to try and get a grasp of how things are done around your new work. What is the social dynamic and understand how decisions are made? It’s important to prepare for this by having a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel fresh and ready to be observant. 


Smile and Enjoy it 


Be yourself and enjoy your first day of work. It never feels like you’re doing a full day of work because the time fly’s in and you’re learning so much. You’ll feel more comfortable as time goes on and everything becomes more familiar. Ensure you take into consideration all tips mentioned above to prepare for your first day of work. 


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