Northern Irish recruitment agencies | Which one do I choose?

Northern Irish recruitment agencies - Which one do I choose?

 1st Nov 2017

Which recruitment agency is right for me? | Northern Ireland job search |


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There are over a hundred recruitment agencies in Northern Ireland, which makes it difficult to know which one to choose when you’re searching for a job.  Most recruiters are incentivised by placing people in jobs, so how do you know who has the best opportunities and your best interests at heart?  


The job search process 


Typically, company will post a job on a job board, candidates will apply to the job and then a HR manager will sieve through the applications to handpick the most appropriate candidates for the job in question. 


Once you’ve exhausted job boards you may feel lost. It’s time to find a recruitment agency to help you! 


A good recruitment agency will have large databases of candidates, they will know the market well and will have extensive knowledge of how to source the perfect candidate for you, after all it is their full-time job.  


How do you know a recruitment company is right for you? 


Search online – You’ll receive a more relevant search if you type your, desired job title or business area AND ‘recruitment agency’ along with your location into the search engine. This will bring up more recruitment agencies that are more specific to your field. 


i.e. ‘Accountancy Recruitment Agency Northern Ireland’. 


Find out from friends, colleagues or family members who they think are a good recruitment company. If you have done your research online, you can ask if anyone has had any interaction with an agency or read reviews. It is important that you are trying to find a recruitment company that is relevant to your field and more importantly has a good reputation. You can also try asking for recommendations on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Once you’ve found a recruitment agency that has received good recommendations and are relevant to your field. 


Gauge the quality of the recruitment company 


 How does a recruitment agency answer the phone, are they professional and interested in helping you or are they dismissive and hurrying you off the phone? 


Call and/or upload your CV to their website. Submitting your CV, if you receive a prompt reply thanking you for your submission – this is a good sign that they are aware you are seeking new opportunities. This is a sign of the professionalism of a recruitment agency. You want a recruiter who cares and is going to put the effort in to match you with your perfect job. 




Both you and your recruitment consultant need to be honest with each other. Building a relationship with your recruiter will be beneficial for both parties.  A recruiter is working for the best interest of both the company and you as a job seeker, so they should always be looking for the best match for a vacancy.  


Learn more about why working with one specialist recruiter can benefit your job search.  


Know what you want 


It is essential that you have a strong idea what sort of role you are looking for – by and large, recruiters are not career councillors, so it is best to discuss what type of role would be of interest to you rather than looking for them to find a brand-new career for you.  Good recruiters will be able to give you honest career advice as to your suitability for a role and help you think about how your CV is presented in terms of matching the criteria.  


| AVOID - Dishonest tactics | 


X What if a recruiter puts your CV forward for specific Jobs without your permission or jobs you aren’t interested in.  Who knows who is looking at your CV?  It could have been sent to a company you have no interest in, you could have already applied directly, another agency could have already sent your CV which weakens your application. 


There have even been horror stories of people’s CVs being sent to their current employer as a recruiter has used an outdated version of a job seekers CV without realising they have moved to the company.   


Ensure you own your CV; use a trusted recruiter.  


X If a recruitment agency asks you for money for introducing you to a company, be extremely cautious about working with that agency. Recruiters cannot be paid twice for an introduction – i.e. by the job seeker and by the end client who is hiring for the position.  99% of the time; it’s the company who pay the agency, not you the job seeker.  


X If you see a job on a job board which does not look like a ‘live vacancy’, the company may be looking to build their database with no real job to discuss with you. 


X If a recruiter takes longer than expected to arrange interviews for you without good reason 






Research agencies 


As a company looking to engage with a recruitment agency ,  you will be looking for an agency who specialise in your niche or a company who can hire a range of candidates for different sectors of the business. It is also important to compare your company’s values to the recruitment agencies to see if your business approach aligns. This can often create a good sense of what an agency is like in doing business. 


Best practice is to interview a selection of recruitment companies to review which the best match for you! 




Check if they are registered and qualified 


Are they registered and qualified to be recruiters? If you’re considering a UK based recruitment agency, they should be registered with a Professional Body like the Recruitment and Employment Confederation or the Institute of Recruiters. 


The recruiters 


You can understand the quality of recruitment company by recruiter’s knowledge of the market they specialise in. It is important to talk to any recruiters you would potentially need in an agency to ensure they know what they are doing. If they are quality recruiters, they can advise on job specifications, salary and even give you an insight of the current job seekers on the market. 


It is important to review how to recruiters are as people, are they extremely competitive, could you see them cutting others off to get ahead? This is the wrong type of recruiter. You need recruiters to do the right thing. You want the best candidate for your business, not their candidate because they will receive a cut of the earnings. 


The price 


If a recruitment agency is competing to be the ‘cheapest’ this should set alarm bells off.  A “budget” recruitment service usually results in a less than perfect hire which can leave you with more costs and problems when the employee leaves. 





If you’re handed 20 CVs and left to figure out which ones are best suited for your role. You’ve chosen a lazy recruitment company! A diligent recruitment agency will spend time screening candidates to understand which are the best fit for the role.  


Candidate experience 


A company can also judge a recruitment company by the quality of candidate experience. Are they treated like applicants or candidates? Recruitment is a people business, it is important that all candidates applying to vacancies are treated with respect. This involves feedback to all candidates and aftercare when an employee has filled the vacancy.  


You may see past candidate’s experiences by reading reviews online or on the recruiter’s personal LinkedIn accounts. 




Does the recruitment company provide feedback? If you’re struggling to get feedback or any communication with a recruitment company, is the candidate experiencing the same thing?  


This is how you can potentially miss out on top talent. The whole experience should be a consultative sales process whereby your recruiter is selling your company to candidates to find the most appropriate fit. A recruiter gives a candidate a real insight into what it’s like to work for your business i.e. benefits + work culture + career opportunities + personal development.  


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