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6 reasons to keep your CV updated

 8th Aug 2017


No one knows what will happen tomorrow, who has 100% job security? Being prepared is always important advice in the professional world. As everyone knows how markets can change and affect a person’s job whether that be redundancy, promoted, demoted, undervalued, personal factors etc. The list can go on. I know you are happy now and you’re not contemplating a career move, but there is always a reason to update and maintain your CV. 


1.      Check out how great I am! 


Reviewing your skills and achievements can give you a confidence boost which can, in turn, motivate you in work. How up to date is your CV, when was the last time you look at your CV?  


Updating your CV can remind you of how far you have come to get here. You can stop and reflect, have you met your goals? Are you where you want to be in life? If so great, if not, it’s time to set some goals. 


2.      Is there room for improvement? 


Reviewing your CV can expose gaps in skills or education. If you’re aiming for that promotion in work but are lacking a course or certificate to qualify. It’s time to set some goals and drive yourself to that promotion.  


Updating and improving your CV can help you track your achievements and professional career progression. You can generate a short-term and long-term plan to measure your progress against. You could even read some job descriptions online to see if your CV is lacking skills which are required in the next step in your career. Don’t let yourself fall short by not staying up to date with trends in your industry. 



3.      Accuracy is key 


An interview process can often be challenging. It can be even harder when you don’t remember important details of prior jobs. Imagine you couldn’t remember the name of a tool which was an intricate part of your example 


Maintaining your CV ensures all information is accurate and helps to refresh your own memory. Here are some tips on how to answer difficult interview questions.  


4.      Time is money 


Maintaining a CV saves you a lot of time in the long term. You won’t have to sit and try to remember all the systems, tools, events or promotions you were involved in for the last 6 years.  


Writing down the important information on your CV when it happens will save you time and ensure it is accurate. It can even help you sift through which tasks were mediocre and which were impressive. This can help to optimise your CV to the best possible version. Don’t sell yourself short on your CV by leaving out some great experience or skills you’ve picked up over the years.  


5.      Ready for a promotion? 


Often companies want to promote within, as there is a candidate pool who know the business. You’ll be reviewed by management which can often be a sudden process.  


Ensure your CV is optimised as it is imperative to be ahead of any potential competition whether that be internal or external. Also ensure your CV is fit for purpose as competition is getting more creative with how they sell themselves through CVs.  


6.      You’d like my CV, can I get back to you? 


Often, recruiters must find the candidate rather than a candidate finding a job. If you receive a call from a recruiter telling you about an exciting new opportunity which you would be perfect for, it is always great to have an up-to-date CV handy to send. 

(reinforcing my fourth point)  


It will save you an evening of trying to recall every important detail of your current job. As you could always forget an important experience which could make or break your potential in attaining the job. It can be embarrassing in an interview when you just remember you have worked with a relevant tool and the interviewer asks why it isn’t on your CV. 


Maintaining and updating a CV can feel like a time-consuming task, even unnecessary, especially when you’re happy in your job! But job security is becoming a more topical discussion as the market changes.  


It is always a great idea to stay ahead of your competition and really, look out for yourself! It is in your best interest to keep track of your progress on an on-going basis. The highest calibre professionals in your market are 100% keeping their CV updated.  


If you currently have a CV which you feel is mediocre, why not read our post on how to write a great CV. If you are interested in a new career change, why not upload your CV today or review some job vacancies in your sector. 


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