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5 qualities all great HR professionals have

 8th Jul 2017

5 qualities all great Human Resources Professionals have | career development | corvus.jobs


HR professionals are an important part of any business, with all employees relying on you for support. But what are the key qualities that all great HR professionals have, no matter what stage of their career they’re at? 


 Here are 5 qualities all great HR professionals possess:  


1.       The right temperament 


Human resources professionals face myriad issues ranging from trivial complaints to harassment claims and have to deal with any given situation in an adaptable, calm, and approachable way.  In essence, you can’t be a great HR professional unless you care about people so emotional intelligence is super important to do the job well! 


Dealing with people all day, HR professionals need to be patient and understanding, some qualities which the people they are dealing with may not possess 


2.       Problem-solving! 


No matter what stage of your HR career you’re at, you’ve got to be a natural problem solver.  You could be thrown many different types of problems to solve, or even better prevent.  Being a lateral thinker and always looking for opportunities to do things better is important to be at the top of the HR game. Conflict is natural so it’s important all HR professionals are emotionally and intelligently equipped to deal with all issue which may arise.   


3.       Being trusted 


It’s so important that a HR person is seen as impartial and approachable.  Anyone in the company should be able to speak to the HR team with total confidence, should they have an issue that they want to raise, knowing that it’ll be handled in an impartial and objective way and with their best interests at heart. Dealing with conflict at work can be common depending on your work environment, it’s important that your HR manager can be trusted to mediate to find a conflict resolution.  


4.       Ideas people 


human resources professional isn’t an agony aunt just there to deal with problems and handle conflict.  A truly great HR person will be really passionate about what they do and about improving all people-centric issues within their business.   


his could include things like talent branding initiatives to attract the very best new employees, improving employee engagement or development of internal talent or systems improvements that could help both the business and the team work more effectively.  HR networking events are really good for making sure you don’t run out of new ideas 


5.       World class communicator 


So here’s the biggie!   


Without outstanding communication skills, you just can’t be a top class HR professional.  One of the real qualities that make a great communicator is active listening and really hearing what’s being said.  Without listening to what people have to say, you can’t respond in the most appropriate way or come up with the best solution. Reading the situations, the environment, people’s body language and facial expression can be really important qualities when communicating with staff.   


You’ve got to be able to deal with people from all areas of the business no matter their level from senior management as well as potential new employees, recruiters and other external stakeholders.  Also, you’ve got to be able to communicate effectively not just in person, but also by phone and email whilst always remaining professional!  HR professionals need to maintain the brand’s tone of voice while sometimes giving some tough advice, so it’s important a HR professional understands their business. HR professionals need to communicate the business’ vision, mission, values, department goals and more to new comers and interviewees.  



These different qualities are extremely important for every HR professional to have. But, don’t worry it isn’t all stress, you get to work with people every day and support the colleagues in your business.  


This can be one of the most rewarding jobs to have!  


As the saying goes, once you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! 


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