Meet The Team | Myles McKeown

Meet The Team | Myles McKeown

 16th Sep 2021

Myles has recently joined the Corvus Team, bringing with him 20 years of recruitment experience gained mostly within the technical environment.

He has recruited for the full range of skills across all levels from entry-level to senior management and beyond, whilst providing the best experience for both client and candidate in equal measure.


Describe your job in 3 words 

Challenging, frustrating, rewarding.


Tell us something we don’t know about you?

My family sometimes call me “an anorak” because of my interest in natural history.


What would be your dream job?

Something animal-related likely.


Who would you most like to swap places with for the day?

 Traffic cop, I’ve seen so much dodgy driving go unpunished.


What is your guilty pleasure?

I’ve been known to sing along to the cheesiest of pop songs


What is your favourite thing about working at Corvus?

The autonomy to just get on with things and the fact that I have to unlearn large chunks of what I’ve been doing for years.


What are your Top 3 book/podcast recommendations?  

I don’t really read that much but for a bit of escapism; Lee Child / Jack Reacher books are a pretty safe bet.


What is most the most sought-after skill in your industry today?



What do you think the future of recruitment looks like?

I think that over time a lot of the guess work and gut feel will be removed from the recruitment process, it’s too big an investment to get wrong. 


What is the one thing you have always wanted to do?

Skydive (it's on the list)


What is your top tip for today’s professionals thinking about changing jobs?

Take your time and do your research.


Lightening Round ‘This or That’:


Dog or Cat? 100%  Dog

Chocolate or Crisps? Crisps with beer – chocolate with a hot beverage

Beach holiday or Adventure holiday? Adventure

Coffee or Tea? Tea more often

Phone call or Email? There’s a place for both but I get more out of a phone call

Music or Podcasts?  Music

Dine-In or Dine Out? Dine-In

TV Shows or Movies? Movies, when I get the time

Work Hard or Play Hard? Getting too old for play hard now, so I suppose it’ll have to be work

Online Shopping or In-Store? I hate shopping, so on-line

Comedy or Drama? Drama

Save or Spend?  Save to spend

Winter or Summer? Winter, I like layers

Beer or Wine? 100% beer


Connect with Myles on LinkedIn.


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