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The 7 Best-kept Secrets to Attract, Assess and Retain Top Talent

 10th Nov 2021

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Your business will grow if you build productive, high functioning teams. This takes investment, time and widespread commitment. 


Payroll can account for up to 70% of your total business costs. That’s once you factor in salary, benefits, bonuses and other related taxes. For many organisations, staff payroll will account for the single biggest expense, which makes gambling with your recruitment strategy extremely risky.


Hire the wrong person? 


The impact of hiring the wrong person is surprisingly greater than most anticipate. Therefore, successfully hiring the right person involves much more research than simply finding those with the right skills and experience. It’s an arduous process with many variables and still no guarantees you’ll get it right.  


Research by McKinsey & Company suggests the top 5% of talent is up to 8 times more productive than average talent. Underperforming work cultures have been closely studied over recent years. One of the key points of difference between a high performing team, and an average to poorly performing team, is the genuine care the employees demonstrate towards each other. 


When employees feel valued by their companies, they’re more committed and satisfied in their jobs. Not only that, they show fewer signs of stress and burnout.


That means you get a more motivated, productive and engaged employee. What business leader wouldn’t want that for their team? 


Recruiting the right team is fundamental for business productivity, furthermore making it essential for meeting bottom-line goals, which makes recruitment a critical task.  


UK businesses fail to hire the right person in every 2 out of 5 roles, with 33% of HR decision-makers believing that problem hires don’t cost their business anything.  


If only that were true! 


Between advertising costs, lost productivity, recruitment fees, time spent interviewing, on-boarding, training and management - the total amount invested in a poor hire has a considerable financial impact. 


And then you’re back to square one! 


Learn how to build high functioning teams and retain them by downloading our eBook ' 7 best-kept secrets to attract, assess and retain top talent for long-term success'




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