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5 reasons to attend a business seminar in 2018

 7th Feb 2018

Why attend a business seminar in Northern Ireland | Corvus.jobs | networking events


Attending a business or networking seminar? Great, they aren’t dead! Here’s just a few of the reasons coming along to a networking event or business briefing could not only benefit you but also your business. 


1. You’ll learn something new! 


It’s important to keep up to date with trends in your industry but also in the economy in general. Finding out what other businesses are doing successfully helps to maintain your company’s competitive edge. With the uncertainty surrounding the impact of Brexit on our markets, there’s never been a more important time to make sure you’re clued in on what industry experts see as smart strategy!  Currency risk is definitely a hot topic at the moment. 


Remember that most of the valuable information in the business world is not free. Paying a small fee to find out smart industry tactics and tricks may help you in the long-term.  



2. Ahh I have to talk to other people? 


As everyone knows, people do business with people and networking is a great way to get to know other people in your industry. Yes, it can be a bit daunting attending an event when you don’t know anyone but perhaps bring a colleague with you.  


If you can’t rope anyone in, bite the bullet and join the queue for breakfast or lunch!  It’s a great place to start chatting to people and make introductions.  It’s also a smart move to try to research who else will be attending.   A lot of events will have an online delegate list but even if they don’t, you can research who’s going along by looking at the event hashtag on Twitter.   


Review the speakers, anyone of note?  – connect with them, if you have any common LinkedIn connections use this as an icebreaker when approaching them.   Most importantly, most people going to a networking event are there on their own!  Everyone’s in the same boat, they want to connect with other people and learn new things. 



3. Who are the kingpins? 


Find out who the key players are in your market, this can be a great benchmark to know how to improve your business or learn something new on how to improve your company / role within the business.  


These are the people you want to learn from, just think a 5-minute conversation with a kingpin who gives you gold nuggets of information could mean attending the whole event was worth it. Plus, a new valuable connection to expand your network.  


Keep an eye out for them at the event.  


4. You find out REAL industry secrets…. they work! 


Speakers are there to help and share their insights with you! The majority of speakers talk about important current topics that are going to be beneficial to stay competitive.  


They discuss tried and tested techniques that have worked for them or their business. Ensure you take a notepad and pen (sometimes they are provided) to write down the important tips or strategies that are relevant to your own business.  


Oh, and jot down any questions that spring into your mind during their presentation as in most cases there’ll be a Q&A session at the end! 


Every industry is competitive, ensure you’re up to date on business trends by attending a seminar or industry event.  


5. Feel more motivated after the event 


Sometimes with a 9-5 job, 7 days a week, it can be difficult to feel motivated if you’re doing the same thing every day. It can refresh your ideas and help you look at your work from a new perspective when you hear other professionals talk about similar projects. After talking to like-minded people, you’ll return to work feeling energised which could boost your productivity, both for yourself and your business.  


Attending an industry event or business networking seminar is important to expand your network, stay motivated and up-to-date with the latest trends. Don’t let opportunities pass you by because you have to attend an event alone, you will surprise yourself what you can learn or who you will meet.  


Don’t look at networking opportunities such as seminars or events as a short-term gain to sell something, people aren’t always open to you selling to them straight away. Simply connecting with the people, you meet at events on LinkedIn afterwards can be enough to put you in someone’s network, in a few months' time they could think. ‘Oh, we need some flyers printed, or we need a venue for an event’. Then you may pop into their mind. Make an impression and build relationships.  


Remember, at the core of business is relationship building. Don’t forget that people do business with people. Don’t feel guilty that you’re missing work, networking is a part of business. 



Where can I find relevant business or networking events in Northern Ireland? 


There a few ways to find relevant seminars to attend. Firstly, ask your network on LinkedIn or in work. Secondly, you can try eventbrite or meet ups, both offer opportunities to meet professionals in similar circumstances as yourself. Majority of the industry events are very welcoming and vary in prices from free to £100’s.  


There really is a range of events to suit all budgets and not all of them are during work hours.  



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