Tip 1# - Treat Job Adverts Like they Matter

Tip 1# - Treat Job Adverts Like they Matter

 22nd Dec 2020

For many, advertising a job simply involves posting a job description on a job board.

Or adding words like “exciting” and “fantastic” - to make the role sound more appealing. While this is common and even encouraged by many job boards, it’s not really advertising. It’s simply showing your job to people who are already very active in the market.

Job descriptions are useful as a HR tool. Once you’ve gained the interest of your ideal candidate, descriptions build detail and can answer lots of questions. But they’re not going to attract passive candidates, who are often those top-performing people you want to hire. And a huge 70%+ of your talent pool.

That’s because passive candidates are happily employed somewhere else.

And if you want to attract someone who’s not really looking, your advert needs to actually sell your role.

Using a job description to do an advert’s job, is a bit like Ikea trying to get you to buy a piece of furniture by displaying the instruction manual. It doesn’t work and it doesn’t make sense.

Our adverts follow a specific structure.

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