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 30th Nov 2020


Testimonial for Michael Hewitt and Corvus

"I am a huge fan of the Corvus Assured process and the various stages they go through.

Michael is easily the most professional and personable recruitment agent I have ever dealt with.  From the moment I submitted my application for a role he engaged immediately. The recruitment process was flexible and easy to follow. The interview was conducted in a warm, friendly and professional manner with great feedback.

Unfortunately, at the next stage my personality profile did not match the job profile of the role I had applied for. However, I am extremely grateful that this was part of the process as both I and the organisation would have ended up in a cultural mismatch. It saved both parties from future pain (and future cost for the organisation).

As follow up Michael took the time to explain the personality profile that I had generated and what the generic strengths and weaknesses were (and they were spot on as to who I am as a person!). He also explained how my profile compared with the job profile the organisation had prepared for the post and why it was not a match. For most candidates, not getting a job can be a dent to your confidence but Michael outlined what roles he thought would suit me better. So rather than being upset I felt energised and enthusiastic about my personality profile and the strengths that I can bring to my current and future roles.

An upside for the candidates is you only need to do this personality profile once as Corvus can consider you in future for jobs that come up matching the profile you have - so that’s an added bonus!

If you have not tried Corvus before, I highly recommend them.  These people are different; they really do care about both the organisation and the candidate and in finding the right match. Michael is passionate about what he does.

I have never been a big believer in interviewing as a recruitment tool but to me the guys at Corvus have totally nailed this process and I cannot imagine how they would not get the best person for any job."



Testimonial for Michelle Kearns and Corvus 

"I enquired about a General Managers position and have been dealing with Michelle Kearns.
I completed the profiling questionnaire and Michelle came back to me to say I wasn't a fit for this position.
I can honestly say I have never been treated in this way by a recruitment agency before.
Michelle was professional, courteous, engaging and, I will use a popular phrase at the moment, "guided by the science .
I don't send emails like this but when you come across someone who is as accomplished as Michelle I feel I have to point it out. And remember she said I wasn't the man for the job.
Ian, you have a great team member there who obviously believes in the business model you have set up.
It is great to see an agency who is concerned with all three parties involved in the process. 
I wish you and all of your team every success going forward and I can assure you that if I'm recruiting for senior team positions I will be in touch."



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