Case Study: ABO Wind | Corvus Assured® process

Case Study: ABO Wind | Corvus Assured® process

 23rd Sep 2020

Corvus Assured Case study - Getting recruitment right first time.


Case Study: ABO Wind


The Situation

ABO Wind is one of Europe’s most experienced wind energy developers. Currently they work in 16 countries across four continents with a staff of approximately 600 colleagues worldwide.

Pain points:

  • Tried other recruitment methods which didn’t work
  • Other methods were time-consuming
  • Other methods were costly

“The Company has just completed our third recruitment campaign in Northern Ireland using the Corvus Assured (CA) process based on very positive previous experiences. In the past 12 months, as a Company, we had attempted to recruit on several occasions using both standard recruiter style campaigns and more general online/newspaper advertisement. These campaigns were unsuccessful in achieving a suitable candidate for the roles required which was not only time consuming and costly, but frustrating for both the Management and the team we were trying to resource.”


The solution

What made Corvus Assured attractive for ABO Wind?

  • Thorough & comprehensive
  • Educates candidates on ABO Wind
  • Tailored approach
  • Behavioural Assessments
  • User-friendly portal with all the relevant information in one place
  • Excellent communication with team
  • Hands-on support and regular updates
  • Candidates enjoyed using portal too

“I was introduced to the CA process last year and have found it to be thorough and comprehensive. Corvus spend time getting to know the Company, the needs of the business and the role in depth before preparing a detailed Candidate Briefing pack. This ensures a very tailored approach to the job information prepared for prospective candidates as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Company/role by Corvus when discussing it.

Key managers complete a job survey specification which we found quite enlightening and a very interesting benchmark against the McQuaig survey filled in by the candidate. The portal itself is user friendly and it is very helpful to have all the information required on each candidate in one place. Communication from Corvus is excellent and due to the nature of the detailed process candidates go through to reach the shortlist, it ensures that the candidates brought forward for interview have had time to really consider and inform their application.

In the most recent round, we have been able to tailor our request for information from the candidates prior to the interview to ensure we can really get the most out of the process. Feedback from candidates using the portal has been very positive also.

 In summary, I would highly recommend the CA process and will use it for future campaigns.”


The Success

  • All parties appreciated the process- including the candidates – even if they were unsuccessful. The candidate who got the job enjoyed the process and felt well educated on the role prior to attending the interview.
  • ABO Wind was happy as the job survey threw up a disparity between the team in terms of what they wanted in the person. This had potentially hampered decision making previously.
  • The client felt that the process was very thorough- she was very happy with the quality of the service and loved the in-depth analysis they got. Also, very happy with the 12-month guarantee.
  • Ultimately, ABO Wind got the right person for the role which had alluded them for so long.


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