How to avoid getting cabin fever

How to avoid getting cabin fever

 20th Mar 2020


We all joke about getting cabin fever but during the current circumstances it’s quite easy to feel like you’re going stir crazy while self-isolating in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 


Stay in a routine  

Stay in a routine while self isolating | Corvus Recruitment


I know we all hate when it’s the weekend and you end up getting up the same time you usually do when you go to work, but right now, to maintain normality, keep up a routine. Have breakfast, be at your home office desk at the same time you would if you were in work, eat lunch and dinner at a usual time.  


Plan your day and one great tip is to mono-task – that is to finish each project that you start rather than multi-tasking as most of us do during the day.  You will get a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement by doing this.   


Use your brain  



Use your brain while in isolation | Corvus Recruitment


Avoid mindless tasks such as repeat episodes of friends on E4. Read a book, play a game, learn a new language or pick up a hobby. Keeping your mind stimulated can help make time feel faster and that you’re doing something valuable.  





Gyms are closed and we aren’t getting our usual exercise routine. Regular physical activity is important both for burning calories and losing weight. Thank goodness we have the internet while we are isolated! Break out the workout videos on YouTube and build this into your routine.  




The space around you can affect your mood more than you’d think. If it’s cluttered and dark, this could be the best time to move the furniture in your room around, change some lighting and put some fresh paint on the walls. When you live in a clean and clutter free space, this will help your mood.  


Digitally socialise 


Get on the phone to friends, video chat family or join online communities. We know everyone is in the same boat during this pandemic, it’s important to not feel isolated and chat with others who’re feeling the same way.  


Via video link some people are connecting by one of the people cooking a recipe from scratch while the other is doing a puzzle – this provides the opportunity to interact and have a shared experience. 


Netflix has recently announced you can host a ‘Netflix Party’, in which you watch the same episode/movie on Netflix at the same time as your friends while chatting about it in a live instant messenger. This could be a great way to feel like you’re at the movies with your friends while in isolation. 




When spending lots of time with the people you’re living with, it’s important to have some ‘me time’, you don’t need to be with each other the entire time in the house.  



Get out of the house – (while still social distancing*)


If you’re able to sit in the garden or drive somewhere that’s out in the country away from people. Then do it! A nice walk outside and exposure to daylight can help regulate the body’s natural cycle and improve your mood. If you can’t leave the house at all, why not try opening some windows and even the front/back door to let some fresh air in.  


Search for a job  


While we are isolated, there are still industries and companies who’re recruiting and seeking staff. Have a chat with your local recruitment consultant, look at job boards or check out social media to find out what jobs are out there. Remember, they might not be jobs that you have trained for or specialise in, but they are the jobs that need filled in the current situation we’re facing. If you do decide to find a job, please ensure the company you work for is taking every step to maintain good hygiene and keep their staff healthy.  


In conclusion, isolation is making everyone appreciate the small things in life such as social interactions, going to work as usual or simply going to the shop to buy some toilet roll. I believe after this situation we will all be more grateful for the lives we were living. In the meantime, stay healthy and try not to think to much about being isolated, make the most of it.  





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