Marketing Salary Survey Northern Ireland 2020

Marketing Salary Survey Northern Ireland 2020

 2nd Mar 2020

Marketing Salary Survey in Northern Ireland - in association with Ulster University


Be a part of Northern Ireland's first accurate Marketing Salary Survey.


In association with Ulster University, we hope 2020 is the year to lift the lid on the Marketing skills & experiences available in our market. In addition, revealing the salaries & benefits on offer and assist businesses to gain a better understanding of what marketing professionals can do & are seeking in bettering their careers. If you do too, we'd be delighted for you to have your say. 

This survey is aimed at agency side and in-house marketing professionals, hands-on employees to Managing Director level in Northern Ireland.

To give a fair and accurate representation of the market, the survey will be available to run from March '20 to May '20 and be published in June 2020.

Thank you for participating in our survey, your feedback is important. We hope you’ll enjoy having your say.

- Sarah Stewart

Marketing & Technical Sales Recruiter


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Survey created in association with Ulster University




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