What’s the secret to a cracking Quantity Surveyor CV?

What’s the secret to a cracking Quantity Surveyor CV?

 22nd Jan 2020


What’s the secret to a cracking Quantity Surveyor CV?


I’ve seen a lot of CV’s in my time.


Some are excellent.


Some aren’t.


I’ve had CV’s written on the back of cig packets, CV’s that have been badly scanned & CV’s that have been 26 pages long. I’ve also had CV’s that have made me go “wow.” (sad, I know). Also, no need for a photo on your CV, leave that for LinkedIn.


So, I hear you say, “Michael, enough with the waffle. Cut to the chase.”


Cut to the chase


Delete the waffle from your CV. It goes without saying that you can work independently or within a team so there’s no need to have that as the first thing on your CV.


The first thing on your CV should be your name, email address, phone number & location. There’s no need for your mum, dad’s & family pet’s name, National Insurance Number, Date of Birth etc. You don’t need a full address either, a town/city is enough.


Personal Profile


So, this is the first thing that somebody will read below your name. This is the part of your CV where you can show a bit of personality. You can use it to explain where you’ve been in the past, where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. It’s also the part of the CV that you can tailor to each position that you apply to. Make it relevant, highlight why you feel you’re right for them and, what you’re looking to achieve.


Key Skills


It’s always useful to have a key skills section. Here you can highlight specific sector experience. Perhaps you’re an expert in a certain contract type. You can also look at the job descriptions & highlight any of the skills that you have that match the requirements to make it easier for the HR/Hiring Manager/Recruiter to see that you tick their boxes.


Employment History


This isn’t the area to copy & paste the job descriptions of your previous jobs. This is where you highlight your key achievements in each role. Make sure that you have your most recent job at the top and your earliest relevant job at the bottom (10 – 15 years is enough to go back unless you have a certain sector experience that you’d like to highlight before that).


  • Perhaps you introduced new procedures that saved the company money.
  • Maybe your commercial involvement in a project turned it from a loss making to profitable.
  • This is where you can blow your own trumpet and quantify what you’ve brought to your previous & current teams.
  • With QS CV’s it’s also important to highlight specific projects & values of the projects.
  • Be honest, make sure that you explain any gaps & if you were in a job for a short time, explain the reason for leaving.  




If you’re an experienced QS with 5+ years under your belt, you’re unlikely going to be asked to list all your GCSE results for a role in the private sector. It’s fine to just include your Degree, classification, year, University & course title. You can also include any specific industry training (NEC training etc) that you’ve been on or your RICS status.


Hobbies & Interests


As long as you’re not an amateur dentist or a part-time Horse Whisperer, it’s fine to include your hobbies. If you say you’re into walking, maybe say that you regularly take walks in the Mournes. If you say that you’re an avid reader (like me), give an insight into the sort of books you read (be honest though because if you say you’re a reader, you don’t want to say the last book you read was when you were 16 for GCSE English). You could potentially have shared interests with your interviewer which could be a good way for them to break the ice with them. If your only hobby is going out and getting steaming with your mates, I’d recommend not having a hobbies section.




If you want a no nonsense CV review by moi, ping me on your CV and I’ll come back to you with some suggestions: michael@corvus.jobs


Michael Hewitt


Michael hewitt Quantity Surveyor Recruiter in Belfast




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