The ultimate guide to office Secret Santa

The ultimate guide to office Secret Santa

 19th Dec 2019

The ultimate guide to office Secret Santa


The office secret Santa can often be a great low-cost festive work activity.

It’s great until you have the realisation that you know nothing about the person you’re buying for, even though you have worked with them for years.


To avoid the embarrassment of getting the wrong thing or buying a gift which simply shows you have no idea what you’re doing we created this helpful guide on office secret Santa. Should you buy something serious or funny?


How to organise the secret Santa.

  1. Put one person in charge of the secret Santa. This person should be able to contact all staff members who wish to be involved.
  2. There are two ways to actually draw name. The old-fashioned way of putting names in a hat and pulling out the name or go digital and let the secret Santa software email your name. We use this one

We recommend judging this on how often people are in the office and how organised are most people? If everyone is working flexible hours it could be hard to get everyone in on the same day to pull the name out of the hat. Digital may be the way to go.


Set a date for swapping gifts - This usually happens at the Christmas party. This could be a reason to purchase a smaller gift that is easy to transport. 


The hard question is - What to buy?

Sometimes people don’t have that hobby or interest which they always talk about from Cycling to Whiskey Tasting, so it can be a little harder to decide on a present, especially with a budget of £5-10. We’ve put together a list of colleague behaviours which could help when deciding the right secret Santa present.


For the person who’s drinking way too much tea / coffee

  • A mug with an interesting design
  • More tea & coffee – maybe better quality than the usual office brand
  • If you know people are purchasing humorous gifts, maybe a self-help book to help them take the first step to realise they have a problem – too much caffeine!


For the person who is having heating wars in the office

  • Gloves/hat for the person who is too cold
  • Ice cubes, a desk fan for the person is too warm


For the person who is constantly taking things from your desk

  • Lots of pens so they stop taking yours or other items that they would borrow.


For the person who has no hobbies that you know of and you have no idea what to buy them

  • A book on how to find a hobby
  • Alcohol
  • A book


Where is good to find gifts?

Online there is Amazon, Ebay, Firebox, Not on the high street to name a few. If you’re running out of time and you need to buy the present this week B&M, Boots,

If you’re looking for something unique, you can always try


Lastly, if you have no idea what to get anyone in the office because you may not get on well with your co-workers, it could be time to get a new job, register with us

Get in touch – / 0289091 8529




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