Quantity surveyors… Are you being paid fairly?Quantity surveyors… Are you being paid fairly? | Northern Ireland Salary Survey

Quantity surveyors… Are you being paid fairly?

 8th Oct 2019


Measuring yourself against other people isn’t always the best thing to do. When it comes to remuneration though, it’s important that you know where you fit in.


  • Are you being underpaid?
  • Are you being paid the same as most people?
  • Are you being paid better than most?


A few months back with the support of 168 commercial professionals, I published a Commercial Construction Salary survey.

Salary surveys are normally thrown together, last minute by busy recruiters. They’re based on a combination of other salary surveys & the recruiter’s own experience.


This survey is different.


The survey results are made up of the responses of 168 commercial construction professionals from/in Northern Ireland. It will give you the low, median and high remuneration for each job title. Some of the job titles didn’t receive enough results so those results have been added to the most relevant job title, e.g. Pre-Construction Manager has been moved into the Commercial Manager category.

Money isn’t everything though, company reputation, the opportunity for progression, pension, & commute length are also important things that you’ll consider when looking at a new job. I estimate that there are around 2000 commercial construction professionals currently living in Northern Ireland. Your experience and qualifications can take you anywhere in the world. Lots of you will have worked overseas, in ROI or GB in the past or will do in the future.


There’s the draw of the huge data centre projects on the continent. According to the Construction Industry Federation, Dublin has 24% of the entire EU’s Data Centre market with Irish companies working all over Europe.


There are also the benefits of the sunny weather, excellent earning potential and established ex-pat community in Australia & New Zealand, not to mention the tax-free earnings that the UAE can offer.


What does this mean?


To put it simply, the Northern Ireland construction industry really needs to work hard to keep its current commercial talent, recruit future talent & entice people to return. Over 72% of respondents are “passive candidates”, this is recruitment speak for: you’re happy enough in your current job but keep an eye on the market and will consider exceptional opportunities.


To attract passive candidates, companies need to change their approach to recruitment. Long-winded application processes, multiple interviews, a requirement of having a CV to apply for a job & long lists of demands & requirements will turn most passive candidates off.


They’ll have to stop looking at themselves as “buyers” and start to look at themselves as “sellers”. Your skills and experience are massively in demand. Companies should demonstrate what they can do for you rather than what you will need to do for them.


Click here to see the full results of the salary survey.

Commercial Construction Salary Survey in Northern Ireland


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