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6 top-secret Chrome extensions that will make your life easier!

 6th Jan 2017

6 top secret chrome extensions | productivity hack | corvus.jobs


Chrome extensions alter Chrome’s functionality to offer a wide range of extra features while surfing the web. Many are beneficial both in personal and professional life. If you haven’t tried extensions yet, you have no idea what you are missing! 

I’ve handpicked a selection of my personal favourites! 



1.Evernote web clipper 

Have you ever been searching the web and stumbled upon something so good that you just need to save it? Whether it’s a great meme, new outfit, great article or you need to screenshot that important conversation. Often you end up saving the images, copying links and forwarding the screenshots to yourself in email or Messenger. Well, this web clipper takes out the middle man. Simply turn it on and you can capture that web visual in one click, meaning all your items are in one place and easy to find!  To make things even handier, you can organise your saved items into different notebooks and use keyword tags to make things easy to find. 





2.HubSpot Sales 

How can I describe HubSpot? It’s like Big Brother for email communication. It was invented for professionals to manage their pipeline effectively. However, if you need to check if someone is ignoring you or trying to find out if someone is interested in the email you have sent, then this is the PERFECT tool for you. It tracks the email opening and clicks rates for each email you send. At the beginning, it felt like I was being extremely invasive – knowing someone has opened my email 4 times and it took them an hour to respond. But, when you send an important email, see that the respondent has opened it and waited a day to reply, then you see the real value! 





Prophet is an online contact information gathering extension, it could be the new digital yellow pages. It uncovers any contact information a person has available online. Simply turn on the extensions on a person’s social media page i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and Prophet will search for emails, phone numbers and social profiles available on the web. In professional terms, it is a very useful and effective tool!  You can use it to personalise introduction emails to achieve the best impact possible when reaching out to new potential connections. 




4.Google Calendar 

As a Google Calendar devotee, this is a great extension to maintaining organisation in both personal and professional life. Simply, click on the extension calendar icon and it will provide the current week’s schedule. You can also quickly add to the calendar from the handy drop down box which saves you time switching tabs. The icon also provides notifications with a countdown to your next appointment, overall making organising your important reminders easier and less time-consuming. 







A common issue for everyone who has signed up to multiple websites is remembering passwords. Using lengthy passwords that are difficult to guess and different for every site is best practice for cyber security. LastPass has created a way to remember all the passwords and have them located in one location that is safe. universal website dashboard, simply creates a universal password to get you onto the dashboard. Then add each site with their passwords or when you sign onto a website with the extension on it will pop up ‘Would you like to add this site to your LastPass dashboard’. It even takes out the admin work! So next time you are trying to relog into a website and forget your password, simply click your extension sign onto the dashboard with your universal password and click on the website you need. It signs in to the website and shows on another tab. 


Lastpass also have automatic form filling section, you can add you bank details, contact information or address information for shopping. This will save you some much time at checkouts! In addition, there is a section to test the strength of your passwords and helps you improve them to maintain your cyber security on all sites.  






I’ve saved the best to last. It is probably the best-kept secret of the Chrome extensions. Honey automatically finds and applies voucher codes for all your online shopping needs. Obviously, there will be some sites that have no voucher codes available or the codes found have expired, but when there are any codes, Honey finds them. It also provides the last known day the code worked for someone which increases your trust using the codes. 

Enjoy saving money! 


Honey currently supports shopping sites in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India. 



Hopefully some, or all, of these will be useful to you but if you’ve got any other killer extensions, we’d love to hear about them! 


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