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About Corvus

We felt we could do more…

Our recruitment team has experience spanning across several decades and sectors. But we knew we could do more.

In particular, we wanted to make our approach more precise.


We wanted an objective recruitment solution which uses science to remove the guesswork. Where no one needs to rely on gut feelings, because instead, we have data. So we can be confident we’ve got the right candidate for the job.



With ambiguity removed, candidates benefit from a precise process. They want certainty that the organisation they’ll be joining is a fit for them, so they can assess your opportunity alongside any others. That way, they can make informed decisions.


We’ve created Corvus Assured®, our meticulously designed recruitment platform and methodology which covers every step of your hiring process to make sure you recruit and retain the very best talent.  



We use tangible data to make better hiring decisions. Saving you time, money and significantly improving staff retention rates. All while giving candidates a more engaging experience and fairer opportunity to showcase their talents. 


Corvus Assured® lets managers make better informed hiring decisions. It features behavioural insights, so you can learn how a candidate might behave in their new role. Combined with the experience of our team who’ll be working hard to expertly manage the process, you’ll have the most powerful recruitment solution available in the market.   



We’re so confident in Corvus Assured®, we’re glad to guarantee each placement made using the model for up to 12 months. 



So why settle for guesswork? Make sure your next team member is Corvus assured. 



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In case you hadn’t noticed, we really love Corvus Assured®. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for every role.



Get in touch for a free consultation from one of our experienced consultants. And we’ll give you a straightforward recommendation on the best recruitment process to meet your needs.

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About our team


At Corvus, we strive to create an engaged, open and honest culture. The Corvus culture is an inclusive and positive workplace where every person thrives. We maintain this by encouraging new ideas, supporting each other and taking ownership of our work 


As a team, we drew up our values together and live by them every day.


Be a host 

We’ll make you feel welcome. We treat people how we want to be treated ourselves – with respect. 


Do the right thing 

We listen to our instincts. We’ll take the high road and do the things we say we'll do. 


Dare to be different 

We’re adaptable and creative. Constantly finding new ways to overcome challenges and win.



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